Top Furniture Trends in Dubai for the Year

Dubai, an iconic city known for its luxury and opulence, has long been at the forefront of interior  design trends. Contemporary styles have taken the lead recently; however, classic furniture designs have recently witnessed an upswing adding timeless elegance to homes and establishments across Dubai. Let's take a look at Dubai's top furniture trends of 2016; these pieces exhibit their charm while attracting visitors interest.



Engaging the Senses with Rich Materials and Exquisite Details: Dazzling the Eye

Classic furniture features intricate detailing and luxurious materials that capture our eye instantly. In Dubai, classic furniture often uses woods such as mahogany, walnut, and oak which exude warmth and sophistication creating an inviting ambiance in any space.Furthermore, intricate carvings, gilded accents, ornate motifs, and ornate embellishments add grandeur and magnificence to classic pieces of furniture.

Graceful Silhouettes and Timeless Shapes: Aesthetic Perfection

Classic furniture's appeal lies in its graceful silhouettes and timeless shapes, making a statement in any room it occupies. Dubai favors curvier lines with gentle arches and more symmetrical designs to evoke harmony and equilibrium in design - such as classic sofas with rolled arms, wingback chairs, intricately carved dining tables, or other timeless pieces such as sofas with rolled arms and intricately carved dining tables that add character and style. Such
furniture items easily integrate into both traditional and contemporary interior designs making them adaptable furniture pieces!

Luxurious Upholstery and Luxurious Fabrics for Luxurious Comfort

Classic furniture in Dubai often boasts luxurious upholstery and fabrics such as velvet, silk, or brocade to exude an extravagant aesthetic. Velvet, silk, or brocade fabrics are often used to enhance this luxurious aesthetic; luxurious colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red are popularly chosen to add an opulent finish. Soft cushions and plush seating ensure classic
furniture not only exudes elegance but also provides maximum comfort.

Exploring Classic and Contemporary Designs to Bring New Perspectives to Existence

Dubai's furniture trends feature an intriguing synthesis of classic and contemporary elements,as evidenced by many interior designers in the city who incorporate classic furniture as statement pieces within modern interiors - for instance incorporating an antique-inspired coffee table as an eye-catching focal point can create an interesting contrast of old and new styles that add depth and character to spaces, reflecting its forward-thinking design philosophy.



Dubai embraces the elegance and timeless allure of classic furniture with great gusto, exuding an air of timeless allure in its interiors. Reviving classic designs boasting rich materials, intricate details, and graceful silhouettes has captured Dubai residentss imagination and become a hallmark of luxury living here. By seamlessly merging classic elements with contemporary styles while embracing sustainability practices Dubai furniture trends are a testament to their city's
dedication to both luxurious living and responsible living - be it furnishing a new home or revamping existing space, consider including classic furniture pieces to add timeless allure into your surroundings - be it home or revamping an existing space, consider including classic furniture to add timeless allure into the surroundings.